Face-to-Face Workshop

Cost: FREE

Duration: 3 hours

When: Every Second Friday 2:00pm-5:00pm


What Will Be Covered?

We will explore digital trends digital strategy insights, and live demonstrations for a wide range of digital technologies. Including but not limited to: SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics, Cloud technologies, Security Implications for Online Business, Data Breaches, GDPR, Social Media Best Practice, Benefits of Mobile Applications, eLearning, Virtual Reality Applications, Digital Branding and the digital benefits of a Virtual Office. But more importantly – we have live digital strategy sessions!

Live Digital Strategy Hotseat

Every session will have a handful of Digital Technology Specialists, and a group of business owners from a range of industries and experience, marketing specialists, and experts in the information technology space. a select few will have a chance to experience the Hotseat, to share an idea, or a challenge within the session, and get valuable insights, suggestions to help build their business online. Take the challenge – Ask us how to be a contender for the Hotseat.

This event occurs regularly along side #bwng (Brisbane Waterfront Networking Group) – The topics & presenters will change slightly each month to keep you all up to date with the latest digital trends impacting on Business 2018. To inform your digital strategy plans and stay on top of the competition!

This is a limited seat event – held in WEO’s prestigious board room. Following the information session is BWNG – Brisbane Waterfront Networking Group – Stay back and enjoy Friday afternoon with us, share your thoughts, and contribute to a group that collaborates and supports one another through the challenges of business in 2018.

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Please Note: Light Refreshments will be provided.

Networking with BWNG – which will move from WEO to Jade Buddha after 5.30pm!

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