Versace Timbers: A Journey to the Top

Pay per Click PPC


Increase in Website Traffic in 2 months

Sales Revenue Growth


Growth in sales revenue in only a few months

Google Adwords Adspend


Increase in Adspend only.

Data Analysis & Statistics

Versace Timbers came on board early 2017, under our previous brand, “ITiQLD”. We have rebranded since November, 2017, to “Ranking Australia”.  As we have expanded our reach to Sydney & Melbourne, and the name needed to be synonymous with our portfolio. We assessed Versace Timber’s Google Adwords over the previous 4 years. Paying around an average of $1 a click. Within two months we increased their website traffic by 500% and their increased their sales by more than 80% in the first few months. Their ad spend however had only been increased by 30%. This is the impact of having Google Adwords Specialists on board. Ranking Australia has been very excited to share this journey with Versace Timbers. We are very pleased to now be managing their organic ranking as well, improving their Search Engine Ranking with a holistic approach to their web presence.

This is the impact of Google Adwords on SEO in less than 2 months

Average Position After 3 Months: Less is More

Avg position vs device - versace timbers - jun 2017